imbecile (worthlessxliar) wrote in anti_new_jersey,

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Hey. Name's Morrison, 15, from Edison. New here. It's nice that someone finally put an anti_new_jersey community in LiveJournal... I'm part of the one in DeadJournal... anyone else in the Edison/Highland Park area? I'd like more friends that way I'd have something to do in this God-forsaken state.

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hello, I live in edison as well. =)
new jerseys fucking gay.. i hate it. i hate my town.. and full of bull shitters and fags :[ i wants out.. i live in paramus.. i feel ur pain..
ah, Paramus. The snot of New Jersey.

I feel your pain, also.
holler. i just graduated from edison high.
Lucky you.

I go to private, so I don't have to go there...

I heard it sucks. Well, that's an obvious fact, but still.
eh. it's what you make of it...i had a good time and it got me into college, so i'm not complaining.
I wouldn't either.

At least your building isn't falling apart... lol