I need you so much closer. (___polkadotsex) wrote in anti_new_jersey,
I need you so much closer.

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Hey, I'm 15 and I live in Hightstown, New Jersey and I fucking hate it. I moved here from California when I was about 9 and it was probably the biggest mistake of my life. There is never anythhing happening here, there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. The people suck, too. EVERYONE walks around like they're hot shit, when they live in fucking Jersey. Walking up to someone and saying "Hi! I'm from New Jersey!" is basically saying "Hi, I live in a shitty town that smells horrible, I have a stupid accent and probably an ugly haircut." As soon as I turn 18 and am out of school, I'm so gone.
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That's only 9 years for you, so you got off easier than I did. It took me 25 years to move! You're right, NJ sucks it.
Hang in there.
ahh i couldn't spend 25 years in jersey
Gah. I went to California last summer and felt right at home. Then I came back to Jersey and felt all gross. There's something wrong when you spend eight weeks somewhere and feel situated, yet spend 16 years in Jersey and still don't feel right.
mm I love California<3
what part did you go to?
I spent the summer at Stanford. Yummy. I've also been to Riverside, which means I drove around to Newport Beach and LA and such...I think I like SoCal better than Norther CA... where did you used to live?
Anaheim, in SoCal. It's all I really ever knew.
heyyy i live in hightstown too, between hhs and slowdown. whoaazah.
jes thought that was humourous. ya dig?
I used to live in Hightstown also for 19 years. That was a drag! I'm definetly not moving back, Arizona is way better!