kb1910 (kb1910) wrote in anti_new_jersey,

I hate this state almost as much as I hate Donald trump

I am 15 and just moved her from North Carolina this summer. There is no diversity in my school and people are stuck up and snotty. I actually feel bad for people who live here. There are people who will live here all their lives because they don't even realize that the world is so much better out side of this filth hole. Apparently I live "out in the country side of New Jersey" but the closest farm is a llama farm 20 minutes away. There are houses literally every where. They pile the house on top of each other and shove way too many people in this small state. I look out side of my extremely over priced home to see a cars speeding past... In a neighborhood. Everyone here always seems to be in a rush. People here don't know how to just simply calm down and relax. These people live sad and materialized lives and are deprived of a much better lifer hat could be theirs If they didn't live here. Don't ever move here you will hate it. The only reason that their sports are good is that they are crazy. They don't know how to freaking take a break. Highschool sports practice on holiday breaks and school never gets out for snow. It's cold as shit out side but they make you practice outdoors. Native new jerseyians like to talk about how pretty New Jersey is and how many parks they have and how they don't know why everyone hates them. Well let me tell you, those parks they brag so much about, suck. You get to the top of a mountain to see a view but what do you know there is a bunch of houses and shit all up in your view. There are too many people here. The south is so much better. Oh, and not to mention that there is no sweet tea here..
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